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Do what makes you Happy and Healthy

Helping you live a Happy & Healthy life

For your monthly subscription fee you will have unlimited access to:

  • An extensive range of Pilates and Fitness classes with a bonus Toolbox to help walk you through postures step by step
  • Strength Training and HITT Sessions
  • Freestyle Fitness Yoga classes
  • Tailored Stretch Sessions
  • Plus a beautiful selection of Mindfulness and Relaxation Sessions

These online anytime time sessions enable you to practice with me whenever and wherever suits your schedule.

No airbrushing, no gimmicks, no fancy technology just me and you, The Real People.

If you need motivation, then join me on demand for inspiration and tips to make your fitness journey a Healthy and Happy one.

​Welcome one and all to our lovely team of Real People.

❤ Lorraine x

Are you ready to be Happy & Healthy?

This is our story...

With over 30 years’ experience in the fitness industry, I added Pilates to my teaching in 2010 after seeing the amazing benefits with my own back and core strength. Having previously undergone two spinal surgeries, I can honestly say Pilates has enabled me to do so many things with confidence, strength and most importantly – pain free!

Since then, I have seen hundreds of people benefit just like me from Pilates, be it pain relief, improved posture, body shape changes and most of all falling in love with this brilliant exercise discipline.

Both our Pilates and strength classes can be practiced by almost anyone regardless of your age, shape or fitness level. My classes are tailored to cover all levels from beginners to advanced, giving you chance to develop and improve at your own pace.


I have been going to Lorraine for some months now... Oh my word - she can motivate in a fun and informative manner making exercise and movement addictive in a “feel good” way.
Friendship, fun and fitness - foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Nancy BirtwhistleAuthor & Great British Bake Off Winner

I have being taking part in Lorraine’s Pilates for quite some time, both online and in classes. Pilates with Lorraine is Infectious and contagious NOT in the way we are using those words today but in a happy infectious and contagious kind of way, leaving you wanting more and looking forward to your next practice.

Carole TuckerEngland Hockey Player

Just wanted to say how easy to use the on line classes are. If you are considering signing up, please just do it, it is so easy to do and the convenience of being able to do the classes wherever and whenever you choose is just perfect. If you are a beginner, experienced or somewhere in between Lorraine makes sure everyone is well catered for.

Susan Webb

Lorraine worked with me after my lumbar surgery around 5 years ago. She was friendly, approachable and extremely knowledgeable. Working with Lorraine was the very best introduction to Pilates I could have had, and I’m so grateful I had someone with Lorraine's expertise to help me.

Tracy Birine

I have been working with Lorraine both on line and face to face for 2 years. Unfortunately I was paralysed from the waist down in 2015 due to a cycle accident so am fighting to regain movement and function. Pilates has made a huge difference in my posture, strength and balance and now walking with sticks and back cycling.

Steve CookPara Athlete

I started doing Pilates online with Lorriane during lockdown with my wife. I play cricket and run up to half marathon distance and quickly found that Pilates benefited my performance in both sports. Having had a history of calf and hamstring injuries these seemed to stop once I started Pilates! After a long run Pilates is great to aid recovery but also good before cricket to help my body prepare for the game.
The online classes are great as available whenever I need them and I would recommend Pilates with Lorraine to anyone wanting to improve their flexibility and strength.

Neil Gray

From the comfort of your own home…

Improve your wellbeing

Pilates is a full body experience which concentrates on both your physical and mental health.

Choose your classes

Gain exclusive access to the highest quality classes and programs to cover all levels from beginners to advanced to help you improve.

Friendly Community

Join our ever growing global community of Pilates enthusiasts and members to help you improve your relationship with Pilates.

Professional Support

Lorraine has over 30 years experience in the health & fitness industry and has built up a reputation to be proud of.

Are you ready to be Happy & Healthy?